#8-2022 A conversation with Mark LaLiberte – The Art of Applied Building Science

Mark LaLiberte almost needs no introduction to the buildCAST audience. In the world of building science there are a few superhero promoters of doing the right thing in the houses that we build. Mark is definitely one of the Rockstar’s.  He is President of Construction Instruction, a tremendous educator and speaker and works with nearly 5,000 builders and architects a year. His particular gift is being able to communicate building physics in a fun and attainable way that is engaging and informative for the average nonscientist.  He is now building a net zero home, and in Mark fashion, using it as a demonstration project to continue the promotion of proper applied building science.  If you are a going to attend the 2022 EBBA Summit in Scotts dale Arizona, take the opportunity to tour the house.

I really enjoyed my conversation and want to thank Mark for taking some time out of his busy schedule to be on the buildCAST.  Please enjoy.

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