#7-2022 Bill Rose – retired Senior Research Architect from the Indoor Climate Research and Training Applied Research Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

To me, Bill Rose has single handily written the most about historical forensic building science and analysis that explains why we build things the way we do. This historical perspective reveals why we have wrongly and myopically focused on class one vapor retarders to stop vapor diffusion when we should be focusing on vapor transport through air leakage, for example. I feel we can’t loose this historic perspective if we want to move forward with making applied building science part of everyday building.  Thank you Professor William B. Rose for all that you have brought to light.

Green Builder Advisor Article with bill Rose
Search the internet for the following papers that I found particularly interesting:
“Early History of Attic Ventilation” By William B. Rose
“A review of the regulatory and technical literature related to crawl space moister control”  By W.B. Rose
“Moisture Control in the Modern Building Envelope: History of the Vapor Barrier in the U.S., 1923-52” By William B. Rose