Think Tank


We learn from our field field work to effect meaningful change in the construction industry in order to take sustainable building to mainstream building. BUILDTank is a practical building think tank that chases issues that hold the industry back and generate ideas and innovations

to move our industry forward.

Thinking ZERO to 360°

We need wildly holistic, innovative, and full spectrum thinking to take zero energy,

carbon neutral, sustainable, healthy, and well performing homes

from the fringe to the mainstream.  This is our aim.

Practical Building Think Tank


Our objective at BUILDTank is to identify projects that will move what continues to be a meaningful yet fringe movement in the construction industry toward mainstream so that well and even high performing homes are attainable for all.  Our consulting services will help identify these projects and then determine a path forward by which to bring them to fruition.


At BUILDTank we believe that the beauty of the construction industry is that we learn something new every day.  One of the best ways to learn is to teach so we strive to taking what we have learned in the field to demonstrate applied building science or other principles in an effective way.  We will spend the time figuring out how to get our point across and or listening to why we may need to reconsider our perspective.


Performance data impacts people’s opinions and moves the construction industry forward. BUILDTank’s applied building science, sit observation, and housing diagnostic experience is a benefit to any team that is seeking to gather data to effect meaningful change in the construction industry.  Let’s work together to outline a pathway forward to obtain the data needed to bring sustainable high-performance building to mainstream building.


Much of what is needed to take new construction innovations from thought experiments to actionable field applied practices is someone who can facilitate the execution of the project. BUILDTank has the ability to help shepherd ideas into outcomes whether coordinating stakeholders to get building or assembly tests successfully implemented or wrangling the players to have meaningful conversations, lets have a conversation to move your project forward.

Code Development

Our experience in the field applying code requirements and discussing them with builders, architects, and trade partners directly impact BUILDTank’s approach to code development.  The code must be understandable, specific, be able to be implemented and enforceable to be impactful.  Code serves many purposes (health, safety, efficiency) one of which should be to ensure better dwellings for all. Increased stringency does not always ensure better buildings, so we tend to work on clarifying language and intent, because if the R-value or other requirement isn't installed incorrectly it does nothing to improve the construction industry.

Giving Back

BUILDTank strives to give back in meaningful ways that we believe will take the construction industry to a new level of professionalism. Mostly this involves a donation of time on industry committees, but we are open to learn about all appropriate opportunities.  Currently we are serving as chair of RESNET's Enclosures subcommittee evaluating the insulation grading protocol and as a member of RESENT's Sampling subcommittee.