#9-2022 Sandra Adomatis and the Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum

Sandra Adomatis is an appraiser, consultant, and educator. Her story is one of love which also led her to her work passion, residential appraisals, specifically green appraisals. She has pioneered the art of valuation of the energy and green building features in homes that is behind the drywall. She wrote the first drafts of what, through the help of the Appraisal Institute, became the Residential Green and Energy Efficient addenda. A systematic approach for gathering the data needed to add the value of energy efficient and green building features incorporated in modern homes into the appraisal. I have seen Sandra speak several times at RESNET or EBBA conferences but never realized how important it is for builders to talk about and market their homes in a way that truly highlight the programs, energy rating index scores, and other features of value they build in. If you aren’t talking about it you are just giving it away and now thanks to Sandra we can quantify the dollar amount that builders have been giving away.
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