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How do we explain what happens in the houses that we investigate?  Well, the reality is that we can't always be 100% sure what is going on.   Take this crawlspace vapor barrier for example.  Why is it ballooning up at random times and why does it do it every time a blower door test is performed?  Not sure why, but the resources below is where I would go to try and figure it out.

Building Science 101 is a free online resource owned and operated by Building Science Corporation. BSC takes a leadership role in promoting the design and construction of buildings that are healthier, less energy-consuming, and more durable and economical. We want to change the way the world builds, and we believe that creating and sharing knowledge is critical to that change. grew out of this commitment to promoting high-quality, objective building science information.

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and other codes can be accessed for free here.

Team Zero - Inventory of Zero Energy Homes in the US and Canada

HVAC School is a free, online community that compiles and shares the best, most applicable HVAC/R training material we can find. We source from real technicians who work on equipment everyday to keep the content from getting stale. We publish a weekly podcast, daily tech tips, resources, quizzes, videos and more….

Home Performance Counts

If you’re looking for a home that is healthier, more comfortable and more energy efficient, it’s important to ask the right people the right questions. Real estate professionals and home builders have the information and resources needed to answer the questions that matter most. The resources below will help connect you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions during the home-buying process, so you can get everything you want in your next home.

We create the tools for teachers/instructors to Teach TEACH Construction
TEACH Construction is here to support those doing the great work of training individuals in the trades.
To effectively train in the 21st Century a teacher/trainer needs to have a wide array of tools in their “instructional toolbox”- both digital tools and physical tools.   Our construction training curriculum and related instructional resources will help deliver high-quality training in the classroom and online.

North East Efficiency Partnership Resources Guide

Heat Pump Buyers Guide from NEEP


Greenfoot Energy Solutions Logo Heat Pump Glossary of Terms