2023 – #9 Glenn Mathewson Creator of BuildingCodeCollege.com

Glenn Mathewson, creator of buildingcodecollege.com, likes to talk and I have to say I was a little nervous about our buildCAST conversation.

Glenn started his construction career as a carpenter’s apprentice, then began to framing homes and later started his own remodeling and deck building company. In 2005, he became a building, plumbing, and mechanical inspector for the City of Westminster, Colorado. Over the next 13 years he was a field inspector and plan reviewer and ultimately earned the master code professional certification.  In 2018, Glenn took the leap to pursue code education full time through BuildingCodeCollege.com. Along the way Glenn has honed his teaching style and views on codes and their place in the governance of the construction of buildings.

So why was I nervous? Glenn has some deeply felt beliefs and I was uncertain how much they aligned with my own.  I discovered that I think we are pretty much on the same page.

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