2023 – #10 Anna Perks Founder of Perks Deconstruction

Perks Deconstruction provides a comprehensive and strategic deconstruction and demolition service that allows homeowners and contractors to salvage, donate, and recycle as many materials as possible during the building process. Anna Perks, owner and founder of Perks Deconstruction is driven by the pursuit of offering more sustainable building and demolition options. She has more than 12 years of experience in the fields of sustainability, business development, and sustainable materials management, and is a strategic and visionary leader who strives to make deconstruction a viable and economical option for municipalities seeking to add deconstruction requirements to their building code. It was a pleasure speaking with Anna and learning how her liberal arts background, like mine, gave her unique entrepreneurial skills to see a niche market that aligned with her sustainability ethic and the willingness to build a business focused on it.

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