2023 – #11 Keith Dennis President, Beneficial Electrification League

Keith Dennis, President of the Beneficial Electrification league finds himself translating the languages of law, engineering, and business to pursue a vision where electrification has broad market acceptance as a necessary strategy to meet the economic, consumer, and environmental goals of our country.

Keith and the Beneficial Electrification League help to educate the wide breadth of policy makers and stakeholders on the benefits of end use electrification. They target and support research and development that brings new understanding to the topic of electrification, and they provide education, and toolkits to help craft messages that are inclusive to diverse stakeholders and programs that effectively bring the message of beneficial electrification to local communities.

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Beneficial Electrification League

Weatherization and Electrification

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Beneficial Electrification: Electricity as the End-Use Option (2015): 

Beneficial electrification: The dawn of ‘emissions efficiency’ (2016):