#15 – 2023 – Pamela Brookstein, if you are not talking about it, you’re giving it away.

If you’re not talking about it, if you’re not Marketing it, and most importantly if you’re not helping the consumer connect with it on an emotional level or a level where they can clearly understand the benefit to them, then you’re simply giving it giving it away.

Pamela Brookstein manages the Value for High Performing Homes program at Elevate, a nonprofit organization dedicated to designing and implementing efficiency programs that lower costs, protect the environment, and ensure the benefits of clean energy, reach those who need them most. In her role, she works to ensure the value of high-performing homes is visible and understandable in the real estate transaction. 

Pamela leads Elevate’s research into the best ways to engage real estate professionals and homebuyers on the topic of high-performance homes. She works to define the messages that these groups need to hear to prioritize clean and efficient upgrades when looking for or upgrading a home. 

Most of Pamela’s work is in the existing homes arena, however, all her work can and should be applied to new homes as well, so we can truly express the value of high-performance homes and not give it away. Please enjoy learning more about Pamela and the work that she does to help take sustainable building to mainstream building.

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