2023 – #16 Craig Maierhofer Vice President of Business Development at Alpen High Performance Products AKA All things High- Performance Windows

Alpen High-Performance Products is an American window and door manufacturer that designs and builds some of the most energy efficient window and door products in North America and the world.  Alpen’s core products draw on a 30 plus year history of industry leadership in advanced, high-performance window and glass manufacturing.  They are an innovative company that has partnered with the Department of Energy, the National Renewable Energy Lab, and others to be a leader in bringing new technologies to market.

Craig Maierhofer Vice President of Business Development at Alpen, our guest in this episode of the buildCAST, has not only a solid business background but also complete knowledge about the science and windows Aplen builds and sells.  He was a wealth of information and I think you will really enjoy our conversation.

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