#4-2023 Thriving in Construction, with Gene Myers, Founder of Thrive Home Builders.

Gene Myers is the Founder of Thrive Home builders. I went into our conversation focused on learning more about ESG or Environmental, Social, and Governance and how this new way of looking at business is affecting the construction industry, especially for those who are not national Wall Street Builders. As soon as we began, I was reminded first, what humble, open, and simply nice Gene is, and second how much he and his company has influenced the industry and my carrier. Thrive Home Builders has led the industry nationally as one of the most progressive regional production high performance home builders. They have used national building programs like EnergyStar, DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes, and LEED for Homes to build upon their internal sound building science knowledge to truly create a brand in the home building world that consumers recognize, seek out, and acknowledge. When a new home becomes an existing home, few remember who the builder was. In Thrive Home Builders’ case that is not true, which is a testament to the leadership and vision of Gene Myers. ESG is just one of the new trends in the home building industry that Gene is staying abreast of, and it was interesting to hear his take on its impact on non-national builders.
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