#3-2023 Gary Nelson – They call him the “Father of the Blower Door”

Gary Nelson, cofounder of the Energy Conservatory, is an engineer who turned his attention to residential efficiency in the 1980’s. He is often referred to as the father of the blower door, but did not invent the technology. He did, however, strive to make a blower door that was light, easy to use, accurate, and cheap. Gary’s success fueled his vision to get a blower door into every contractor’s hand as he felt that it brought building science to life for contractors and weatherization agencies specializing in efficiency, durability, and comfort in homes.
Gary’s success can be measured by the success of the Energy Conservatory, the company he says he accidentally created as more and more people asked him to build blower doors for them. However, success can be measured by so much more than the growth of a company.  Gary was also instrumental in the creation of the duct blaster, and flow plate measuring tools, has contributed to the success of countless housing studies and programs, and has contributed to an industry and its understanding of the building science of air flow.
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