#26-2002 Larry Acker ACT D’mand Hot Water Systems Systems

The wait for hot water at the tap can last several minutes leading to wasted water, time, money, and energy.  I spoke with Larry Acker, the Chief Technology Officer and inventor at ACT D’mand Kontrol Systems, about how their control system works to eliminate the wait time for water from the hot water heater to the faucet and the waste associated with that wait time.
The D’MAND Kontrols® Systems use an efficient pump and temperature sensing system to move a larger quantity of water in a short amount of time. Once activated, the System brings hot water from the water heater to the tap in seconds. When the integrated temperature sensor detects hot water in the line the pump is shut off leaving hot water for the homeowner to use at the tape.
The circulation pump can be retrofitted into an existing home by utilizing the cold-water line to bring water back to the water heater or it can be designed into a newly constructed home with a dedicated recirculation pipe loop that returns water back to the water heater. The result of either installation is greater comfort, efficiency, and water conservation by providing instant hot water at the farthest fixture from the water heater. Remember, Instant is relative, one does have to first activating the pump with a push of a button why using the D’Mand Kontrol system or potentially a motion sensor or adaptive learning technology when using other systems.

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