#25-2022 Scott Sedam True North Development and Lean Building

Scott Sedam is the Owner and President of True North Development.
True North is a training and consulting firm for homebuilders, trade contractors, and suppliers, specializing in applying Lean Methods to the homebuilding industry. Scott likes to say that True North focuses on delighting the customer and removing “waste” . It’s about the value proposition and discovering the benefits that the customer and builder will receive through LEAN analysis of the home construction process. In short, the Lean methodology is a way of focusing and optimizing building plans and specification, the builder’s staff and trade partner experience, and the organizational structure toward creating a streamlined cost-effective building process. It’s based on two guiding tenets, continuous improvement, and respect for people. In this buildCAST, Scott speaks to how he became the first quality assurance person at Pulte Homes, and then to spreading the LEAN gospely to the construction industry.
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