#7-2024 Devon Tilly – The Art of Construction a platform that is bring people together in the construction industry

Devon Tilly is a visionary who sought me out to partner on a deep dive series on his Art of Construction podcast. He speaks often about platforms and master facilitators, and it took me quite some time to better understand that he is a big thinker whose objective is to bring the construction community together. Platforms can be companies, networking groups, like BS and Beer Metro Denver that I started, or other such organizations that are the catalyst that bring people together to effect change and move an industry forward. Master facilitators are those individuals that help lead the way to creating dynamic synergistic outcomes when people are brought together around a common interest.

There are four parts to this deep dive series, but only edited versions of episodes 3 and 4 are included here, largely Because episode 1 is an interview of me and episode 2 is about a larger commercial efficiency program.  Episodes 3 and 4 give us a better understanding of Devon and his goal of building a master facilitator community as well as discussing some interesting building science around windows and heat pumps.  

Links to Full unedited versions of each podcast can be found in the show notes

Loosely Devon’s Art of Construction deep dive series revolved around BS and Beer Metro Denver. But in reality, BS and Beer is only a platform that brings together lifelong learners who turn out to be the master facilitators affecting change in the construction industry.  I see now the journey that Devon took me on as cohost on these podcast and am thankful that I had the opportunity to take it with him.

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Deep Dive Series Episode 1: Foundations in Building Science

Deep Dive Series Episode 2: Energize Denver

Deep Dive Series Episode 3: LIVE BS + Beer Q&A

Deep Dive Series Episode 4: Building science in action, with heat pumps