#23-2021 The Biggest Roadblock to Electrification of homes, Removing the Gas Cook Top

Chef Rachelle Boucher with KitchenToLife.com , and Chef Andrew Forlines with ChefAF.com speak to with me about one of the biggest roadblocks to the electrification of a home. Getting ride of the gas cook top.
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Chef Rachelle Boucher  KitchenToLife.com
In 2018, when the city of Berkeley, CA announced the first all-electric building codes, I immediately knew that this was a huge moment for the planet, for the appliance industry and, frankly, for me. As a self-described “induction cooking and electric kitchens super-fan” and chef, I knew that I could make a big difference. It was an “A-ha moment”.
My partner Robert Roth and I started “Kitchens to Life” with the mission to:
ELEVATE the electric kitchens conversation, ENGAGE stakeholders with today’s inspiring cooking options and FACILITATE the adoption of kitchen electrification for performance, people and planet.
Chef Andrew Forlines ChefAF.com
I’m Chef Andrew Forlines and I offer insights on the newest technology available to the residential home cook. As a chef, I have spent my career at the nexus of food science, fine dining, appliance technology, refined customer service, and culinary education.  For the last several years, I have worked in the residential appliance retail industry as a chef presenter, retail sales, and kitchen design trainer focused on advanced technology in the modern home kitchen. I am certified by both the NKBA and IDCEC to give accredited Continuing Education Unit presentations in person or via webinar.