2023 – #13 Mike Missimer Principal Owner MGI Mechanical Services and Rockview Designs

Mike Missimer principal and owner of MGI Mechanical has almost 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry, he has used his engineering background and love of learning to question the rules of thumb that are interwoven into the HVAC world. He has learned firsthand that you get what you inspect not what you expect, and therefore has helped develop and promote sound repeatable commissioning practices that have been codified within jurisdictions of Northern Colorado. Mike also understands the need for integrated sound building science within our homes, that the HVAC system will not work if the buildings thermal envelope does not work.  He Started a separate HVAC design company to ensure that the projects he works on don’t silo HVAC design and installation, but rather they work synergistically to create comfort and performance. Mike loves to talk about what he does and teach us all about his passion which made this discussion on the buildCAST extra special for me.

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