#19 -2023 Steve Baczek bridging between architecture and sound building science.

Steve Baczek is a nationally recognized architect, who has been designing and developing custom residential structures for over 28 years. After architecture school he had the opportunity to work with Joe Lstiburek and Betsy Pettit at Building Science Corporation. But since then, he has really honed his unique perspective, knowledge, and ability to be a bridge between architecture and sound building science. As he continues to design, he also, now more than ever, dedicates a large portion of his time giving back to the industry. He is educating builders, trade professionals, and fellow architects through consistent Instagram and LinkedIn post, segments on the Build Show network, and as one of the hosts of the Unbuild it Podcast among other venues. It was a pleasure to speak with Steve and learn more about his view on the direction of architecture and our industry.

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