#18-2022 Heart of A Building with Paul Kriescher

After growing a successfully energy rating company, Lightly Treading. Paul Kriescher managed a merger with PCD Engineering who later merged with Bowman consulting group. Paul now wears two hats. He is the Business development manager and thermal envelope specialist at Bowman Consulting in Colorado and is Executive producer and host of Heat of a building.
Heart of a Building is a TV show about creating a better future. Paul and his team make videos, that have been airing on Rocky Mountain PBS, that tell the stories of innovators who are designing, financing, constructing, and occupying the buildings of tomorrow. The stories they tell showcase the state-of-the-art technical expertise behind energy efficient buildings. They explore the heart centered reasons – the “Why” – behind each project and feature buildings that are transforming the places we inhabit into spaces that can exist in harmony with the environment and their occupants.

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