#14-2022 Lumber Connection Podcast from SBCA (Structural Building Components Association)

Moly Butz is the Managing Director of the Structural Building Components Association; she is also the hosts the Lumber connection podcast. The Lumber Connection Podcast focuses on the latest trends in the North American lumber markets. Each week, experts Justin Binning and Ken Timmins, lumber traders with American International Forest Products, provide insight into the latest trends and many factors impacting the supply and demand of the lumber used in structural components.  Although I don’t buy lumber or build roof or floor trusses and the like, I began getting the SBCA newsletter and started listening to the Lumber Connection podcast during the pandemic. I have found the information and insights in both have helped me better understand the supply chain issues in the lumber industry, as well as those facing the entirety of the construction industry. In the podcast specifically, Molly, Justin, and Ken, break down the current issues impacting lumber sales in about 15 minutes, so a quick listen has broadened my ability to speak to builders in a more educated way. I was really pleased to be able to speak with Molly, Justin, and Ken on the buildCAST to learn more about how they came together and are using their expertise to connect their listeners to lumber, but also the broader economic issues that are impacting the construction industry on a lager level. I hope you enjoy our conversation.
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Moly Butz, Managing Director, Structural Building Components Association on LinkedIn
Ken Timmins, Lumber Broker at American International Forest Products on LinkedIn
Justin Binning, Lumber Trader at American International Forest Products on LinkedIn