#12-2022 Thoughts on the 2024 IECC development process

I have been involved with the development of the IECC since the 2015 code cycle. Traditionally the International Code Council develops construction and public safety codes through a governmental consensus process. For the 2024 IECC and Chapter 11 of the IRC, which is the residential IECC reprinted in the International Residential Code, has changed. An ANSI standard development process and consensus procedures will now be used for the development of the 2024 IECC.  The resulting document will still be called the international Energy Conservation Code and will still be considered a Code, but the process of getting the next updated code is quite different.  
In this episode I explains the traditional code development process and the new development process and then speak with Gill Rossmiller, Hope Medina, Jay Crandell, Jim Meyers, Rob Salcido, and Tom Culp who are all deeply involved in the current 2024 IECC development to see how they think the new ANSI process is working.

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IECC Committee Procedures including Scope and Intent of the development process: