#11-2024 Allison Bailes HVAC Design and All Things Heat Pumps

Alison Bailes has a PhD in Physics and tried academic life but found his true passion in building science while building his own house.  He has moved on and is now fully renovating his current house kind of in the same way that he moved on from home energy ratings, where I first met him, to concentrating on HVAC design. From the broad to the specific one might say. Applying building science through HVAC design led to this discussion on the buildCAST because I had the pleasure of hearing Allison speak at the Colorado Chapter of the ICC’s code education institute on all things heat pumps. We concentrated our discussion on heat pumps, and I know you will enjoy hearing it, but don’t forget that Allison also just published the newest addition to our collective building science library. A House Needs to Breathe…Or Does It?  An Introduction to Building Science.

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