#11-2021 Steve Andrews, a treasured mentor of mine.

Steve Andrews

In his spare time, as he claims to be retired, Steve Andrews is an energy consultant, free-lance writer, and mentor to many of us in Colorado. He worked primarily in the residential sector and was very active with the Denver Homebuilders’ association and the development of Colorado’s home energy rating system in the early 1990’s, called E-Star Colorado. This was when states were the RESNET provider. His work ranged broadly from research with the State of Colorado’s Energy Office, co-chairing CORE’s World Oil Forum in 1998, to working with the Fort Collins Utilities, code officials, Habitat for Humanity, and writing for Fine Homebuilding and local HBA publications. He also co-authored a draft report to the Colorado Legislature, for the Colorado PUC, regarding the findings by the state’s Electricity Advisory Panel about whether or not to restructure the state’s electricity industry. He has moved off the front range into the mountains of southern Colorado, but his impact on residential energy efficiency lives on.

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Currently writing for Resilience an Online newsletter that is Building a world of resilient communities.  
Co-Founder of ASPO-USA The Association for the Study of Peak Oil & gas.