#1-2023 Teal Lehto Instagram’s “Wester Water Girl”, helps set the stage about water issues in the west and their potential impact on construction.

Teal Lehto has honed a short, snappy, and data driven style perfect for Instagram, to explain western water issues in the Colorado river basin. Her Instagram handle is @westernwatergirl. She first got interested in water law and issues in the west while being a raft guide on the Animas River in her hometown of Durango Colorado. You might remember that in August of 2015 the Animas River turned orange after a plum of wastewater was released from the Gold King Mine which made the national news. As wester water issue are continuing to get national attention so has Teal’s Instagram account and her interest in explaining what is going on in a way that is understandable for us all.  Teal is going to help set the stage for our understanding of wester water issue and how they might affect metropolitan areas like Phoenix and Denver and specifically how they might affect the building of homes.

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